BASI Pilates MAT
Teacher Training & Retreat

Live Retreat@ Zen Rocks, Mani


Tash Barnard
Principal BASI Faculty


July 4 - July 9 , 2023



Teacher Training,



1240€ Tuition,
590€ Room

BASI Pilates MAT Teacher Training & Retreat
with Tash Barnard

Now BASI Pilates helms the first
BASI Pilates Academy & Retreat
Live @ Zen Rocks Mani in Greece
LOVE Pilates?
Join our family of successful BASI teachers around the world.
BASI Pilates has been a leader in Top PILATES EDUCATION
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Our Invitation To You

Join the path of becoming a top notch Pilates teacher, by training in a heavenly setting with world leading BASI Pilates faculty teachers! Embark on a brand new life path of growth through learning and teaching BASI Pilates with confidence and success worldwide through the BASI network!

Description of the Retreat

In this retreat you will:
  • Strengthen your body through daily Pilates practice

  • Deepen your understanding of Pilates principles

  • Learn to teach up to advanced level clients on the Mat

  • Enjoy training in a friendly circle, with top level teachers who will support and encourage you, in an absolutely gorgeous, relaxing environment.

  • Practice & Learn the Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced Pilates exercise repertoire.

  • Learn to teach up to Advanced Level Clients on the Mat.

BASI Pilates graduates teach all over the world and are part of an expanding family of passionate Pilates professionals.

BASI Pilates Greece


Mat Retreat @ Zen Rocks Mani
Immerse yourself into the world of Pilates!

For those who prefer a more in-depth, immersive teacher training experience, BASI offers Mat Pilates Teacher Training in a Retreat. This unique format allows students the opportunity to expand their knowledge, hone their skills, and dive deep into the work, enjoying extra time to practice and conduct discussions.
Learn to teach up to advanced-level clients on the Mat!

At BASI we regard Pilates Mat work as the “crown jewel” of Pilates.

The Pilates Mat Intensive Program is the perfect vehicle for learning the principles of the Pilates Method. It is affordable, easy to integrate into different settings, and a great way to introduce people to Pilates.

The Mat Intensive Program provides a thorough education in the Pilates Mat work and its infinite applications, but is formatted into a shorter timeframe than the standard Mat Program. It is also the perfect springboard into the Comprehensive Programs that are offered in the U.S. and globally.
This 6-module program spans 4 days and is comprised of 24 hours of lecture, discussion, exercise practice, and exercise analysis. All material from the standard Mat Program is covered, and the program completion requirements are identical.
Module 1 - The Fundamentals

Primary concepts covered include the 10 movement principles of the Pilates method, an overview of the pelvic region, Pilates breathing, a historical overview of Pilates, the BASI approach, and the importance of safety when teaching Pilates. In addition, the repertoire includes fundamental Mat and Reformer exercises.

Includes a one-hour Mat class.

MODULE 2- Anatomy Overview, Part 1

Primary concepts covered include an anatomy and terminology overview: major bones, muscles, joints, bony landmarks, and center of gravity. In addition, the importance and practice of cueing are discussed. Repertoire covers fundamental Reformer, intermediate Mat, Pole, and Ped-a-Pul.

Includes a one-hour Mat class

MODULE 3 - Anatomy Overview, Part 2

Primary concepts covered include the BASI system of movement analysis, exercise physiology, and aerobic/anaerobic exercise. The BASI format of teaching is discussed and the BASI Pilates® Block System, created by Rael Isacowitz, is introduced. Repertoire taught is intermediate Mat, Reformer and exercises with Leg Weights.

Includes a one-hour Mat class.

MODULE 4- Posture Assessment

The primary concepts covered are the principles of alignment and posture assessment. Discussion includes exercise as a tool for assessment. Repertoire taught includes intermediate through advanced Mat, intermediate Reformer, and fundamental Cadillac.

Includes a one-hour Mat class.

MODULE 5- Core Strength: Back & Abdominals

Primary concepts covered are core strength and the relationship of the various muscle groups that make up the core, focusing on the abdominals and the back extensors. Contraindications, effective exercises, and the importance of understanding your client’s needs and body type are discussed. Also addressed are the role of the teacher and the importance of flow in a session. Repertoire taught includes advanced Mat, intermediate Reformer, and Arm Chair.

Includes a one-hour Mat class.

MODULE 6 - Exercise Adaptation

Primary concepts include an in-depth look into exercise adaptation and the use of assists and modifications. The lecture focuses on how to construct a complete and comprehensive program. Repertoire taught is advanced Mat, intermediate Reformer, fundamental Wunda Chair, and Magic Circle. A general review of the repertoire is conducted and the online Written Examination is available at the end of the program.

Includes a one-hour Mat class.


After completing the Mat Program, students are eligible to pursue a BASI Pilates Mat Teaching Certificate.

To receive a BASI Pilates Mat Teaching Certificate, students must complete the following graduation requirements:

  • Attend all Modules

  • Pass final online or live written exam

  • Complete a minimum of 15 Observation hours

  • Complete a minimum of 40 Self-Practice hours

  • Complete a minimum of 30 Student Teaching hours

  • Pass final practical exam

  • Pass final teaching evaluation

Your practice hours can be completed at a BASI Studio or Academy near you, and partially online.

Students are encouraged to begin their student hours during the Foundation Program.Up to 50% of Observation hours may be completed via BASI Interactive.

In the USA the final Practical exam and final Teaching Evaluation are conducted at a Centralized Testing location. For international students, the final practical exam and teaching evaluation may be taken during the next program held at your Host Studio location, or during any program held at a Host Studio location worldwide.

  • Additional testing fees apply (See Tuition and Fees for more information).

  • Students should aim to complete all requirements within one year of the last module of their Mat Program. However, we are happy to give an extension, if needed. If the requirements are not completed within three years, we may require the student to repeat 50% of the program prior to receiving a BASI Pilates Teaching Certificate.

Please refer to our Academy website for your information:

Program schudule

July 4 - July 9 , 2023


Optional Meditation or Walk in Nature


Morning Tea, fruit, light snack


BASI Mat Class & Teacher Training Mat Modules


Sumptuous Fresh Vegetarian Brunch


Free time: Rest, Swim, enjoy a massage session Options for extra Yoga or Pilates private Sessions.


Option: Student practice & teaching


BASI Mat Teacher Training


Dinner & enjoying the sunset


Extra Options: Restorative Yoga Nidra/ Deep Relaxation or Q&A


5 - 6pm (not before 3pm please)

6 or 6.30pm Welcome circle… Easy introduction practice, dinner, and early bed time.


Normally after brunch… Latest by noon…

Sometimes we may have to ask for an early room check out by 10.00—11.00am

Extra Trips or Activities

Afternoon or evening excursions to the local area can be planned directly through Zen Rocks

Previous Mat practice is a plus but not entirely necessary.

Previous teaching experience especially in movement a great plus.

If you are an experienced movement practitioner even in other modalities like yoga, fitness, dance, you would be able to follow this rigorous fun and strengthening, therapeutic training.

Acceptance of your application

Payment of Fees

For more information/registration contact

Short Biography of the teacher(s)

Tash Barnard

Tash Barnard is undoubtedly an embodiment of this adage. With her illuminating smile, infectious laugh and effervescent personality, Tash effortlessly exudes a characteristic warmth that endears everyone she meets, to her.

An international certified Pilates instructor, Tash originally had aspirations of being a professional dancer, graduating with honors in the Ceccheti Ballet and IDTA Modern Dance methods in 2000. This stood her excellent stead to flow naturally into an illustrious career in Pilates; she qualified as a BASI instructor after completing her studies directly under Rael Isacowitz in 2001. Now a BASI faculty member, Tash is extensively involved in building a strong, focused Pilates community through facilitating and teaching workshops and courses for BASI. Her energetic, patient teaching style has seen her share her knowledge across the globe including sessions in Morocco, London, Dubai, Salzburg and Hong Kong. She is also a guest teacher on Pilates Anytime.

Tash owns and operates a highly successful studio, Tash B Pilates, out of Ballito on the North Coast of South Africa. The studio is a beautiful marriage of Tash’s tangible passion for Pilates and her heart for her clients: she and her band of instructors have created a caring, nurturing environment for students of all levels to flourish in.

Tash’s unshakable faith undergirds her professionally and personally, as a wife to Andre and mother to Asia and Carter. Her humility precedes her, and her generosity is unrivalled; yet Tash remains firmly grounded.

She is strong-minded and zealous about sharing the wonder of Pilates, which she believes has changed her life, and allowing it to do the same for others. This vision coupled with Tash’s incredible heart for the community, sets her apart not only as a respected Pilates instructor but a woman of integrity, value and worth.


BASI Pilates Tuition


5 Nights, all inclusive.

Luxury Triple:

590€ (the room has to be guaranteed for 3 guests to get this rate)

Luxury Double:

740€ (the room has to be guaranteed for 2 guests to get this rate)

Small Single:

990€ (only one unit available at Nikolaos)

Single Villa Deluxe Basic:

1,200€ (subject to availability)

Single Villa Large/Upstairs:

1,300€ (subject to availability)

  • Accommodations,  5  nights

  • BASI Pilates Mat Course

  • Access to Online Anatomy Course @NYSY Academy or BASI Pilates Greece

  • Pilates classes & optional meditation

  • Τwo delicious vegetarian meals a day (brunch and dinner) and Morning Tea

  • All Pilates Mat/Yoga equipment and accessories

  • Biodegradable toiletries

  • Transfer to and from Zen Rocks Mani

  • Transfers around Zen Rocks and the area

  • Additional therapeutic treatments or private yoga sessions where applicable.

Electronic Test Included in Tuition


500€ to be paid with your registration application

Balance Due:

Rest of balance 60 Days before course starts


In case of Covid Related Cancelations.  Full refund minus 50€ handling Fee 30 days before course starts.

No refunds after course starts.

Comments From Participants


Thank you for all your time, wisdom, and investment into us as students. We have truly learned from the best. I’m excited to go forward knowing we have been well educated and prepared. A million thank you!


I totally understand why BASI teachers love and follow the way it is structured. It is truly meditation in movement and I am now totally hooked.


To see all these beautiful people, to be together, to move together, to learn together, I’m so happy that I was there.


I just wanted to thank you for being a truly fantastic instructor. Your certification demanded the best from me, which in turn thoroughly prepared me to be a successful teacher. I find myself utilizing your cues and corrections on a daily basis.

Have a question

How do I choose the Retreat for me?

All our retreats aim to create a nurturing and welcoming environment for all levels of practice and all student needs. All programs offer the opportunity for a dose of daily good exercise through yoga or pilates, walks in nature and/or swimming in the sea, and both restorative and meditation practice. A weekly program offers a complete experience of well-being. Our teachers are highly experienced and skilled. If a program seems enticing to you, it is probably the one you need. Make a bold step and trust it: Go for it!

Can I come alone?

Absolutely! Our friendly staff and group of guests/friends will make you feel right at home. Surrounded by good company, with space to be on your own, according to your needs and wishes.

Can I bring my partner who is not a practitioner?

Yes. As long as one understands and respects the philosophy of Zen Rocks, your partner can join in the daily activities, or feel free to relax and follow their own schedule. Your friend or partner will feel warmly welcome at Zen Rocks.

When should I book?

Book early, as soon as you know the retreat you are interested in, and your schedule. Click here to send us your questions or to register. Link: REGISTER

Where do I fly to –How do I arrange my Transfer?

We would be happy to help arrange your transfer from Athens or Kalamata to Zen Rocks.The retreat is located about 30 minutes south of the city of Kalamata, in a quiet olive grove amidst sea and blue skies. The closest village to us is Kalianeika, about one kilometer from us. There is airport access both from Athens Airport (3 hours from ZR) and from Kalamata Airport (30-40min from ZR).

-Flights to Athens International Airport (ATH) and transportation to Zen Rocks
All major airlines fly to Athens international airport, called Eleftherios Venizelos. Zen Rocks is about a 2.5-3 hours’ drive from Athens. We can arrange a private transport for you and/ or your group or you can rent a car to drive yourself to Zen Rocks. The ride is beautiful, and you can enjoy a direct ride along the new Athens-Kalamata highway, or you can make stops in places like the sites of Ancient Mycenae, Ancient Nemea, the city of Nafplion, and the town of Kalamata.

-Flights to/from Kalamata (KLX)
More and more there are direct and/or charter flights to the small airport of Kalamata from different European cities. Also, new 30 minutes flights have just started from Athens to Kalamata regional airport are very reasonably priced if booked well in advance.
Alternatively, you can fly to Kalamata from the northern Greek town of Thessaloniki.

-Transportation options while in Greece
The way to reach Zen Rocks is either with our luxurious Mini Van for 8 people or by renting a car from Athens or Kalamata and drive around on your own. Our office can assist you with your car rental reservation. Or you can make your booking directly. During your stay at Zen Rocks our minivan is available for hire along with an experienced driver. The rates for transfers with our minivan are in the attached document titled: ZenRocksRates.
Allow us to book your transfer from Athens or Kalamata. Simply email us at:

Driving Directions to Zen Rocks

The retreat is located about 30 minutes South of the city of Kalamata, in a quiet olive grove amidst the sea and blue skies. The closest village to us is Kallianeika.

1. Drive on the new freeway from Athens to Kalamata, and be prepared to stop frequently for tolls. Expect to pay around 15€ each way. It may take you 2-2.5 hours to reach Kalamata.

2. Stay on the freeway and exit Kalamata heading towards Areopolis and Kitries. After the freeway ends, you will pass Lidl, and a café called Cosi on the right, and then the road forks and you see a road sign. At this point you have the option of heading up towards the mountain towards Areopolis and Kardamyli, or taking a right towards the sea and Kitries. You can reach us either way. We are giving you directions through the coastal road here, as it may be easier to find our location this way.

3. Take a right towards Kitries and drive down the coast for about 10-15 minutes. Right as you approach Kitries, the road goes uphill. There is a big retaining wall right in front of you, causing you to almost stop. You see a road sign for Doloi.

4. Make a sharp left up the mountain towards Doloi.

5. Drive for 5 minutes until you reach the village of Kalianeika.

6. When you reach Kalianeika, stop in front of the church and set your odometer to 0.

7. Drive for one kilometer, and you will come to switch back turn where you will see a fence with big cacti and a huge rock. You are getting close.

8. Immediately afterwards, you see a second switch back turn and a couple small signs for Zen Rocks. At this point leave the asphalt road and enter a smaller cement farm road. Drive 200 meters on cement, and then another 400 meters of dirt road. At this point you will see the electrical posts and a cement road up on your left. This is our private drive way to Zen Rocks.

(Attention: our drive way is the SECOND paved road you see on your left. Do not take the first one, right where the cement ends… wait till you drive the extra 400 meters of dirt and pebble road and you come across the electrical wires and big posts… at this point you will also notice that the farm road you are on is covered with the cement of our paved drive way.)
9. Go left on our cement road. It is a sharp incline. Come up on first gear and full throttle. Small cars will do fine if you know how to drive fearlessly.

10. Welcome to Zen Rocks.
As Zen master Thich Nhat Hahn says: YOU HAVE ARRIVED!

Οδηγίες για το Zen Rocks Mani

Το Zen Rocks Mani βρίσκεται σε απόσταση περίπου 30 λεπτών Νότια από τη πόλη της Καλαμάτας, ανάμεσα σε ήσυχους ελαιώνες, τον ουρανό και τη θάλασσα! Το κοντινότερο χωριό είναι τα Καλλιανέικα.
1. Πάρτε τη νέα εθνική οδό απο την Αθήνα προς τη Καλαμάτα οπου θα χρειαστεί να σταματήσετε συχνά σε σταθμούς διοδίων. Υπολογείστε οτι το συνολικό κόστος των διοδίων θα ειναι 15€ η διαδρομή. Η απόσταση ειναι περιπου 2-2.5 ώρες απο την Αθήνα μέχρι να φτάσετε στη Καλαμάτα.
2. Μείνετε στην εθνική οδό και βγείτε στην έξοδο της Καλαμάτας με κατεύθυνσή προς Αρεόπολη και Κιτριές. Όταν τελειώσει η εθνική οδός, θα συναντήσετε ένα σούπερ μάρκετ Lidl και μια καφετέρια στα δεξιά σας που ονομάζεται Cosi. Σε εκείνο το σημείο ο δρόμος χωρίζεται και θα δείτε μια πινακίδα. Σε αυτό ακριβώς το σημείο, έχετε την επιλογή είτε να συνεχίσετε προς το βουνό με κατεύθυνση προς Αρεόπολη και Καρδαμύλη είτε να πάρετε το δρόμοι που είναι στα δεξιά σας που πάει μέσω του παραλιακού δρόμου στις Κιτριές. Όποιο δρόμο και να πάρετε μπορείτε να έρθετε στο Zen Rocks Mani. Εμείς παρακάτω σας δίνουμε οδηγίες από το παραλιακό δρόμο μιας και θεωρούμε ότι είναι ο πιο εύκολος δρόμος για να έρθετε.
3. Κάνετε δεξιά προς Κιτριές και οδηγείτε στο παραλιακό δρόμο για περίπου 10-15 λεπτά. Στο σημείο που έχετε φτάσει σχεδό στις Κιτριές, ο δρόμος έχει μια ανηφόρα. Στο σημείο αυτό υπάρχει ένας μεγάλος τοίχος μπροστά σας που σας αναγκάζει σχεδόν να σταματήσετε. Εκεί βλέπετε μια πινακίδα προς Δολούς.
4. Εκεί αριστερά προς το βουνό με κατεύθυνση προς Δολούς.
5. Οδηγείστε προς τα επάνω αυτόν τον δρόμο με τις στροφές, για 5 λεπτά μέχρι να βρείτε το χωριό Καλιανέϊκα.
6. Όταν φτάσετε στα Καλιανέϊκα, σταματήστε μπροστά από την εκκλησία και ρυθμίστε το μετρητή χιλιομέτρων σας στο 0.
7. Οδηγείστε για 1 χιλιόμετρο και θα δείτε μια στροφή φουρκέτα, η οποία σας φέρνει προς τα δεξια. Εκεί θα δείτε ένα φράχτη με μεγάλους κάκτους και ένα τεράστιο βράχο. Πλησιάζετε!
8. Αμέσως μετά βλέπετε μια ακόμα στροφή φουρκέτα που στρίβει τον δρόμο προς τα αριστερά. Θα δείτε δύο μικρές πινακίδες για το Zen Rocks. Σε αυτό το σημείο αφήνετε το ασφαλτοστρωμένο δρόμο και μπαίνετε προς τα δεξιά σε έναν μικρό αγροτικό δρόμο από τσιμέντο.Οδηγείστε για 200 μέτρα στο τσιμεντένιο επαρχιακό δρόμο και άλλα 400 μέτρα σε χωματόδρομο. Ακολουθήστε τις πινακίδες για να μην μπείτε στον ελαιώνα που είναι πριν από εμάς. Περιμένετε να δείτε το σημείο με την πινακίδα του Zen Rocks να δείχνει τον ανηφορικό ιδιωτικό τσιμεντένιο δρόμο στα αριστερά σας. Είναι που θα σας φέρει στο κατάλυμα.
Σε αυτό το σημείο και μόνο θα δείτε και τους στύλους της ΔΕΗ να ανεβαίνουν προς τα πάνω.
9. Κάντε αριστερά σε αυτόν τον τσιμεντένιο δρόμο. Έχει έντονη ανηφορική κλίση, οπότε βάλτε πρώτη ταχύτητα για να ανεβείτε. Ακόμα και μικρά αυτοκίνητα ανεβαίνουν άνετα. Είναι λίγο σα να ανεβαίνετε ίσια πάνω στον ουρανό, στα σύννεφα… Απογειώνεστε λοιπόν.
10. 5 Δευτερόπτα μετά: Καλώς ορίσατε στο Zen Rocks Mani. Χαλαρώστε και απολαύστε τη διαμονή σας!

Όπως λέει και ο δάσκαλος του Ζεν Thich Nhat Hahn: You have arrived! Pause. Enjoy!

Booking a Massage or other Therapy

Let us know about your needs and preferences and we can pre-arrange the perfect nurturing massage or related therapy session for you.