Jivamukti Yoga Spirit Wake-Up Retreat

Zen Rocks Retreat Center
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Petros Haffenrichter

Jivamukti Yoga Spirit Wake-Up Retreat

Our Invitation to you

Join us for 6 days for a thriving week of practice and joyful wholesome activities, in a friendly community of like minded people, in the embrace of the sacred land of Mani.

On this retreat you will have a chance to deepen your practice in yoga and meditation. Furthermore, it will detox, relax and nourish you on the physical, mental and emotional level. Recharge your soul with the nourishing greek sun, fuel yourself with deliciously good vegetarian and vegan food, enjoy and experience the endless, wild beaches and the great nature of Mani peninsula. You will have the chance to take care of yourself and enjoy your life the fullest with Petros Haffenrichter and the Zen Rocks team.

Description of the retreat

This program includes daily practice of Jivamukti yoga for all levels, breathing practice, kirtan music, storytelling, community building and cooking classes.

When one actually feels oneself and the world, if somehow the ache of beauty, nature, harmonies of stars, time, space, and the dance of elements can somehow pierce through this numbed human condition - we can wake up. To the reality and beauty and integrity of life.

The path of the yogis has shown over millennia how we can be at ease with the pushes and pulls of currencies of values as they change according to the trends of ignorance of each epoch. To lessen the degree of separation between the one and the supposed "other." It's time to regain our freedom for intuitive union, Yoga.

Petros' words open the path:

I trust in the never sleeping voice of our intuition, which unmasks the bias of our consciousness through the depth of our feelings and carries the eternal wisdom of the connectedness of all life and wants to work there.

I trust in the music, prayer, rituals, and encounters that lead us to the real world of playful dance and song and which remains audible despite all the noise of a world that forgets its essence.

I trust in the experience of countless compassionate beings over millennia who instilled in us the traditions of integrity and purpose.

The path that we learn to walk through the practice itself is one of many ways to unfold this given light that we call life, and thus our destiny within it.

Open to all levels

#421 TAC Yoga Continuing Education Course

33 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Meet your Teachers

Petros Haffenrichter

Growing up in different cultures I came to appreciate life as a union of polarities at a young age. Life is thrilling but demanding, beutiful but challenging, graceful but incomprehensible thourgh mere logic. Through yoga, arts,music and acts of compassion, it is possible to learn to accept all parts this play as equally significant and as opportunities for learning and insight.

The key for developing an open mind and a thoughtful openness toward life is to keep ones curiousity and focus alive. Through yoga we develop finer levels of awareness, eventually to find that we hold the key to joy in our very hands as we learn to distinguish between conditioned behavior and freedom. Ultimately but inevitably, we shift our perception of reality, opening a path to liberation.

About Zen Rocks

Zen Rocks is a place of beauty, community, and dedication to a deep practice for personal healing and global transformation. Sprawled within endless olive groves, with stunning views of mountains, sky, and sea, Zen Rocks was created as a center for deep practice, healing, community and harmonious inter-being.

Set against the dramatic expanse of the Mediterranean sea, this heavenly corner of the earth is beckoning us on a unique journey of personal growth.

Through mindfulness meditation and somatic practices we are invited to re-connect with our essential nature, rest, restore, and meet the most positive creative version of ourselves again.

Practice Areas:

There are several terraces on which yoga classes currently take place depending on the sun and the time of the day.One of our most unique attractions our newly build magnificent yoga deck. Large enough to accommodate 50-60 people with great views of the sea and horizon, our finely crafted Yoga Deck is actually one of the best places in the world to practice. You are up there in heaven practically, with mesmerising views and a very pleasant breeze even in the hottest summer days, our Yoga Shala makes your trip to Mani worthy and memorable.


Home cooked, vegetarian and/or vegan meals may be prepared according to your needs and preferences. We use local seasonal produce grown from our land or neighboring gardens. Fresh goat milk, daily eggs, and hand picked fresh fruit can be added to your menu. Your meals are prepared by wonderful inspired cooks.

Full Retreat Package - 5 Night Stay (including Accommodations, Program & Meals). The prices are per person.
Zen Rocks will assign roommates in the shared rooms, according to the registration type.

In a Shared Double 1,490 € (you will need to be 2/room to secure price)
In a Shared Triple 1,290 € (you will need to be 3/room to secure price)
In a Shared Luxury Tent 890 € (bathroom & shower available, 4-6 guests per tent)
Your own Tent 690 € (bathroom & shower available)
Private Single Room 2,090 € (Available upon request, Limited Availability)

Arrivals, July 27

15:00-17.00 Arrivals
18:00 Welcome circle & light practice
19:30 Dinner & enjoying the sunset
20:30 Introductions

Daily Schedule, July 28-31

6:00-8:00 Sally’s Course on Lalita and/or Meditation & Pranayama
8.15 Silent Morning Tea, or Coffee, Light fruit
8.45 Abhaya Yoga Practice to release & strengthen the body
11.15 Delicious Vegetarian Brunch
12.00-14.00 Heavenly Music & Singing
14.00-17.00 Free time for journaling, introspection, swim, rest, explore
17.00-18.30 Compassionate Sharing Circle & Partner Work
18.30-19.15 Gentle Restorative & Therapeutic Movement or Silent Walking Meditation
19.30-20.30 Dinner & enjoying the sunset
21.00 Kirtan & Meditation
22.00 Early to bed, early to rise

Departures, August 1

7:00-10:00 Meditation, Yoga Practice, Heavenly Music
10:00 Check out from Rooms
10.30 Delicious Vegetarian Brunch
13.00 Journey of the Heart Begins/Departures
  • Comfortable Accommodations
  • All Lectures and Practice Sessions
  • Τwo delicious vegetarian meals a day (brunch and dinner). (*Extra drinks, meals, snacks available at extra cost)
  • Yoga props/sitting cushions
  • Transfer to and from Zen Rocks Retreat Center
  • Transfers around Zen Rocks and the area
  • Additional therapeutic treatments or private yoga sessions where applicable


Our aim is to make the course financially accessible whilst covering the costs involved in producing and running the course and, if possible, supporting our Thriving community here at Zen Rocks.

Together, we Thrive!

Day Pass | 50€

Join the program for a whole day. Meals included.

Scholarships - Program Only | 100€

(2-5 scholarships available) For those in need of financial assistance, students & youth, feel free to attend the program and support us by donating without breaking the bank! (You will need to provide your own accommodations & meals)

Community Rate | 200€

You are welcome to join and camp at Zen Rocks by bringing your own tent. This rate helps us sustain the course, the creators, instructors and community that is offering it. (Including daily meals)

Standard Rate | 360€

This rate helps us sustain the course, compensate the teachers & instructors, while you enjoy your stay in our Glamping Tents or Dorms. (Meals included)

Sponsor Rate | 600€

This option helps sustain the course and enables us to offer more scholarships while enabling us organizing future events. (Room accommodations & meals included)

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