Online Retreat Program

Join us for a 4-Week Festival in Mani, Greece

Spirituality - Activism - Sustainability

From New Moon To New Moon

30 Days to Uplift our World

Personal & Global Transformation


What do we need in order to not just survive
as a community,
as individuals & as a planet?
First comes the CALL...

A 4-day Live Retreat & Online Summit

May 19 - 22, 2023

What do we HUMANS need in order to THRIVE as individuals, communities, and as a planet during these critical times? The Opening of our month-long festival will be a LIVE RITUAL & CELEBRATION on the land at Zen Rocks in the peninsula of Mani, Southern Greece, on Friday, May 19, 2023, with a ceremony honoring the Earth, and all our connections. During the following three days, thousands of people will connect from different parts of the earth to partake of live sessions of meditation & movement taking place at Zen Rocks, intermingled with an ONLINE series of speakers addressing the theme of the day.

Live Opening Events & Online Summit Program


May 19


Friday Opening Ritual on the land:

Honoring Earth & all Connections

Introduction to speakers on: Spirituality, Activism, Sustainability


May 20


Saturday Live Retreat & Online Program


Spiritual Teachers/Practioners rooted in Activism & Spirituality

Talk about the interbeing of: 



May 21


Sunday Live Retreat & Online Program


World Activists rooted in Spirituality

Talk about the interbeing of: 



May 22


Monday Live Retreat & Online Program


Sustainability Workers rooted in Spirituality

Talk about the interbeing of: 


Then comes the RESPONSE

A Global Gathering

4 -Week Live Retreat & Online Summit

May 23 - June 18, 2023

Four weeks of LIVE RETREATS at Zen Rocks in Mani, Greece, with embodied practices:Yoga, Meditation, Music, Dance, Healing Modalities, and a genuine call to Activism.

Live Transformational Retreats on ways of taking care of ourselves and all beings.

Connect with: Thousands of friends/people around the world
Join:  An open community of activists, visionaries
We are: Effective Game Changers
Envision:  Positive change globally and in every aspect of life
Receive:  Inspiration & Renewal
Act Locally:  Create Positive Action right where you are
Support:  All Beings

Spirituality - Activism - Sustainability

Week 1

Music & Spirituality - Yoga & Activism
23 May
28 May
A Jivamukti Yoga Retreat with Music from Heavenly Spheres

Presenters: Yogeswari, Gaiea Sanskrit

Activism Focus: Animal Love, Veganism, Women,Empowerment, Girls Education

Week 2

Caretaking Week: Yoga, Interbeing, Activism & Sustainability
30 May
5 June
"Watering the Seeds of Joy" - A caretaking retreat for nurturing ourselves and becoming effective activists


Esther Chang Yoga as Flow, Yoga as Therapy 

Vivi Letsou Breathing & Moving with the Divine Flow, Abhaya Yoga

& Guests Activists

Activism Focus: Taking care of ourselves is World Healing

Week 3

Essence of Activism: Connecting with the Source through Vibration, Music & Song
6 June
7 June
2 Day Workshop - The Hero is Us: Hanuman Chalissa

Presenter: Nina Rao

7 June
11 June
Krishna Das Live "Love Everyone Retreat" at Thrive@Zen Rocks

Presenter: Krishna Das & Team

Activism Focus: Essence or Activism: Connecting with the Source through Music & Song

Week 4

Trauma, Healing & Transformation
14 June
18 June
Beyond Trauma: Approaching Ourselves with Compassion

Presenter: Dr. Gabor Maté

Focus: Human development through the lens of science and compassion

Closing - Celebration

Grand Finale
18 June
Traditional Greek Circle Dances for Healing & Celebration