Thriving Heart: Empowering Yoga, Meditation & Tantric Philosophy

Retreat @ Zen Rocks
From 630€

Thriving Heart: Empowering Yoga, Meditation & Tantric Philosophy

Our Invitation to you:

Step into freedom through a new understanding & empowerment
Attune to the dynamic pulsation of yoga, tantric philosophy & meditation
with the Heavenly Music of Gaiea Sanskrit & Antaratma

Tantra points that all of life is expressed through dualities. In this retreat we are called to: Embody Wholly the Masculine & the Feminine and leap through to Freedom with a new understanding. With daily yoga practice to release tensions and strengthen the body, breathing pranayama practices to purify and connect with deeper energy and immersion into the study of the Tantric Philosophy of Supreme Goodness. Our circle of sharing will be a powerful, healing journey of the heart.

Enter the paradisiacal realm of Zen Rocks and roam in the splendid space of our open heart.

Description of the Retreat:

In this course we will cultivate Shakti, the energy of divine grace that is available to us all, through deep tantric meditation, a healthy dose of dynamic and restorative yoga, music, and breathing practices. We will immerse ourselves in the empowering philosophy of Shakti, the liberating energy that seeks to enlivens and uplift us all.  It is this energy of recognition available to us all that opens the gates of understanding.  It provides acceptance and the love. This foundational ground will allow us to look deeply at the play of opposites & the balance of the Masculine & Feminine energies in our life.

We are invited to consider our personal attitude/approach in these 3 facets:  

  1. Masculine and Feminine oriented spirituality
  2. Our own wholeness in terms of our masculine/dynamic & feminine/receptive characteristics
  3. The balance of these roles in our relationships, and the dynamic of the masculine-feminine on our planet right now

With compassion and discernment (Viveka) we are called to recognize this Play of Opposites in our own world and to embrace both in an effort to heal and empower all aspects of the Masculine and Feminine in our lives.

We will delve into exercices for:

  • Healing the Masculine-Empowering the Feminine
  • Personal & Couples Growth Practices for Empowering Ourselves and Healing our Relationships

In a safe and truly heavenly environment of Zen Rocks, we will immerse ourselves in a guided journey of deep exploration, introspection, and circle discussions, with silent walks in nature, and nurturing delicious meals cooked with “motherly love and care.” Restful breaks will invite body, mind, heart to unwind and surrender in nature, to enjoy the rhythms of the day and night. The course will include daily yoga practice*, pranayama/breathing, mantra meditation, and contemplation on the balance of our innate relationship with the feminine and masculine archetypes in us.

  • Dynamic Abhaya Yoga Practice is optional.
  • Gentle Abhaya Yoga practice will be offered as an alternative to those needing therapeutic restorative sessions.
  • Our musicians, Gaiea Sanskrit and Antaratma/Thodoris Hiotis, are fully immersed spiritual artists, so be prepared to journey into higher and deeper dimensions, through their heavenly music and song.

“Ananda Shakti, the power of bliss,
unfolds within us as an upsurge of
spontaneous love, contentment, and joy,
the feeling of an ever-expanded heart.”

—Sally Kempton, Meditation for the love of it

Meet your Teachers

Vivi Letsou

Abhaya Yoga Creator & Zen Meditation teacher

A visionary and activist for positive change, Vivi returned to her homeland, Greece, in 2004 with a strong impetus to effect positive change through building enlightening communities. In her life and work she has been trying to integrate Yoga, Zen, and Tantric Philosophy, the spiritual paths she has sought to combine for over 20 years, while a filmmaker in California. Through her journey of teaching and practicing Yoga, Pilates, and meditation, Vivi has been able to find a way of practice that makes us strong in all levels and helps us to triumph even in challenging circumstances.

After years and years of meditation Vivi discovered in the powerful pithy teachings of her teacher, Sally Kempton, (https://www.sallykempton.com ), an immediate experiential path, a shortcut to enlightenment…

Link to Vivi’s Full Bio here.

Nancy Hitzanidou

"Dearest friends, let me humbly invite you to this intimate retreat, in which we'll contemplate the sorrow generated by the loss of our beloved teacher Sally, while also celebrating the incredible gift of having shared the infinite wealth of her teachings. We will share cherished memories and resources, and take sacred time to strengthen the bonds of this community that she so insightfully created and curated."

In June 2015,  a new path emerged for Nancy, that of the Tantric teachings of Sally Kempton. Nancy joined her in London where she completed the Meditation Teaching Training Program: “The Art and Practice of Τeaching Meditation,” with Sally Kempton.

Gaiea Sanskrit

“Through sound and particularly sounds of sanskrit we access a portal whereby we can grieve, honour, celebrate, and go beyond to the other shore where our beloveds are.”

Gaiea learned Sanskrit in London since the age of 4, and has a degree in Sanskrit from Oxford University, where she also had a choral scholarship. She was a stand up comic, wrote musicals, and many songs, and went onto a Masters in Music Theatre and later qualified as a teacher of The Alexander Technique. This was just the first of many drops in the ocean of learning that continues every day. She embarks upon yearly visits to India to study music and Sanskrit, and maintains regular contact with great teachers here in UK and India.

Antaratma Theodore Chiotis

Antaratma Theodore Chiotis was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He started his practice and study of Yoga in 1995, in the system of Satyananda Yoga, with the guidance of Swami Sivamurti Saraswati.​ His first encounter with Yoga happened when a good friend took him to a Satsang. Satsang means to be in the presence of truth and a Master of Yoga. What struck him then and was the reason he got hooked on Yoga, was the singing of Kirtan. There, he witnessed the release that happens when people sing and dance together, using mantras and music.

​That was the very beginning of his journey. He immediately enrolled in weekly Yoga classes, practically transforming himself. Yoga became his life. His life became Yoga.
Later on, he committed to his Sadhana (spiritual practice). His journey then took another turn, where the desire to uplift and realize himself was rooted even deeper.​ It wasn't until 1999 that he enrolled in Yogic studies.

Read More about Antaratma Theodore Chiotis here

About Zen Rocks

Zen Rocks is a place of beauty, community, and dedication to a deep practice for personal healing and global transformation. Sprawled within endless olive groves, with stunning views of mountains, sky, and sea, Zen Rocks was created as a center for deep practice, healing, community and harmonious inter-being.

Set against the dramatic expanse of the Mediterranean sea, this heavenly corner of the earth is beckoning us on a unique journey of personal growth.

Through mindfulness meditation and somatic practices we are invited to re-connect with our essential nature, rest, restore, and meet the most positive creative version of ourselves again.

Practice Areas:

There are several terraces on which yoga classes currently take place depending on the sun and the time of the day.One of our most unique attractions our newly build magnificent yoga deck. Large enough to accommodate 50-60 people with great views of the sea and horizon, our finely crafted Yoga Deck is actually one of the best places in the world to practice. You are up there in heaven practically, with mesmerising views and a very pleasant breeze even in the hottest summer days, our Yoga Shala makes your trip to Mani worthy and memorable.


Home cooked, vegetarian and/or vegan meals may be prepared according to your needs and preferences. We use local seasonal produce grown from our land or neighboring gardens. Fresh goat milk, daily eggs, and hand picked fresh fruit can be added to your menu. Your meals are prepared by wonderful inspired cooks.

Full Retreat Package - 4 Night Stay (including Accommodations, Program & Meals). The prices are per person.
Zen Rocks will assign roommates in the shared rooms below, according to the registration type.

In a Shared Double 1390 € (you will need to be 2/room to secure price)
In a Shared Triple 1190 € (you will need to be 3/room to secure price)
In a Shared Luxury Tent 890 € (bathroom & shower available, 4-6 gusets per tent)
Your own Tent 630 € (bathroom & shower available)
Private Single Room 2090 € (Available upon request, Limited Availability)

Arrivals, June 11
15:00-17.00 Arrivals
18:00 Welcome circle & light practice
19:30 Dinner & enjoying the sunset
20:30 Introductions
Daily Schedule, June 12-14
6:00-8:00 Sally’s Course on Lalita and/or Meditation & Pranayama
8.15 Silent Morning Tea, or Coffee, Light fruit
8.45 Abhaya Yoga Practice to release & strengthen the body
11.15 Delicious Vegetarian Brunch
12.00-14.00 Heavenly Music & Singing
14.00-17.00 Free time for journaling, introspection, swim, rest, explore
17.00-18.30 Compassionate Sharing Circle & Partner Work
18.30-19.15 Gentle Restorative & Therapeutic Movement or Silent Walking Meditation
19.30-20.30 Dinner & enjoying the sunset
21.00 Kirtan & Meditation
22.00 Early to bed, early to rise
Departures, June 15
7:00-10:00 Meditation, Yoga Practice, Heavenly Music
10:00 Check out from Rooms
10.30 Delicious Vegetarian Brunch
13.00 Journey of the Heart Begins/Departures

Reading List:

Prerequisites, or Preparation:

All levels, ages welcome with an open heart. Dynamic Abhaya Yoga Practice is optional.

Gentle Abhaya Yoga practice will be offered as an alternative to those needing therapeutic restorative sessions.

Accreditation & Certification:

This is an accredited course TAC:  #501--Thrive Academy Teacher Training Course


  • 33 Hours of Credit Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Course
  • NYSY Academy Higher Education Course
  • THRIVE Academy Teacher Training Course
  • Comfortable Accommodations
  • All Lectures and Practice Sessions
  • Τwo delicious vegetarian meals a day (brunch and dinner). (*Extra drinks, meals, snacks available at extra cost)
  • Yoga props/sitting cushions
  • Transfer to and from Zen Rocks Retreat Center
  • Transfers around Zen Rocks and the area
  • Additional therapeutic treatments or private yoga sessions where applicable


Our aim is to make the course financially accessible whilst covering the costs involved in producing and running the course and, if possible, supporting our Thriving community here at Zen Rocks.

Together, we Thrive!

Scholarships | 10€ - 100€

(2-5 scholarships available) For those in need of financial assistance, students & youth, feel free to attend the program and support us by donating without breaking the bank! (You will need to provide your own accommodations & meas)

Community Rate | 200€

You are welcome to join and camp at Zen Rocks by bringing your own tent. This rate helps us sustain the course, the creators, instructors and community that is offering it. (Including daily meals)

Standard Rate | 360€

This rate helps us sustain the course, compensate the teachers & instructors, while you enjoy your stay in our Glamping Tents or Dorms. (Meals included)

Sponsor Rate | 600€

This option helps sustain the course and enables us to offer more scholarships while enabling us organizing future events. (Room accommodations & meals included)

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