MAY 19 - 22

Participate and play an active role in a gathering where we converge with leading teachers, artists, activists to form an international network of positive growth & change!

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Join us for an Online Gathering

For Personal & Global Transformation

~ not just survive ~
As a Community, as Individuals and as a PLANET?

Join THRIVE Online Summit! - a 4-day event that will help you connect with yourself, nature, and others, as we come together to create positive change for the planet and all beings. This summit is the first part of a 30-day retreat festival that will uplift our world, starting from the New Moon to the next.

On this first part of our month-long festival, during our 4-day Online & Live gathering in Greece at Zen Rocks, we explore together what it means for us to THRIVE as individuals, communities, and as a planet during these critical times.   Our vision is to support global movements and positive actions for equality and sustainability by encouraging us to take care of ourselves, find the discipline that helps us connect, take action locally, and feel interconnected with each other. Embodied-Interconnected and empowered, we can play an important role in rebuilding our world. Any compassionate act is, in essence, positive activism.

Benefit from our Global Community


Think Globally — Act Locally

Network with like-minded people

Initiate grassroots global communities

Play a defining role in re-envisioning, re-shaping lives

Effect Change in our lifetime and for generations to come

Engage in HEALING personal & collective trauma

Craft joint creative solutions

Be an Active Agent of positive change

Experience Personal & Global Transformation


Take care of yourself: Recognize and heal your trauma(s)

Find the discipline that best helps you connect

Move, meditate, practice yoga, mindfulness

Gain Clarity & Understanding

Access to resources and support

Find Inspiration & Motivation

Get Practical Tools & Techniques

Networking Opportunities

Awake, Arise,  and Stop Not till the Goal is reached!

— Swami Vivekanandahe

Meet our Speakers!

By attending our Online Gathering, you will have the unique opportunity to learn from leaders in the fields of spirituality, activism and sustainability.  Through their experiences and wisdom, you will be inspired and empowered to take action towards a better life for yourself and a better world for all.

Dr. Roxy Manning
Krishna Das
Verena Ledig
Paz Pearlman
Cat McCarthy
Mindahi Bastida
Eriel Deranger
Clover Hogan
Dr. Alberto Villoldo
Brooke Medicine Eagle
Helge Lovskar
Claire Warmenbol
Thais Corral
Charlotte Dufour
Christiana Figueres
Elise Buckle
Joanna Macy
Kazu Haga
Staci Haines
Dr. Emilia Roig
Alnoor Ladha
Oneika Mays
Hala Khouri
Seane Corn
Brother Phap Dung
Sat Dharam Kaur
Marcela Lobos
Shiva Rea
Rupert Spira
Kristoffer Haug
Vivi Letsou
Esther Chang
Christopher Titmuss
Tara Judelle
Dr. Ronald Alexander
Dr. Larry Ward
Jo Confino
Gaiea Sanskrit
Shakti Catarina Maggi
Dr. Gabor Maté
Andrés Conteris
Nina Rao

Program Schedule


Friday, May 19

Focus: Relationship of Spirituality, Activism, Sustainability

Exploration of the relationship between spirituality, activism, and sustainability.

Panel discussions with speakers from diverse backgrounds, including spiritual teachers and activists, to discuss how these three areas intersect and influence each other.

Talks and presentations on topics such as ethical leadership, mindful activism, and sustainable living.

Saturday, May 20

Focus: Spirituality

Exploration of various spiritual practices and teachings, including mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and shamanism.

Panel discussions with spiritual leaders and teachers on topics such as spiritual growth, finding inner peace, trauma-informed practices, embodiment and connecting with nature.

Talks and presentations on topics such as the role of spirituality in healing trauma, accessing higher states of consciousness, and the power of prayer.

Sunday, May 21

Focus: Activism 

Exploration of various forms of activism, including environmental activism, social justice, and community organizing.

Panel discussions with activists and organizers on topics such as effective activism strategies, building coalitions, and engaging with diverse communities.

Talks and presentations on topics such as the history of activism, the power of grassroots movements, and the importance of self-care for activists.

Monday, May 22

Focus: Sustainability

Exploration of sustainable practices and solutions for environmental and social challenges.

Panel discussion with sustainability experts from SHE changes Climate.

Talks and presentations on topics such as how we can save our oceans, renewable energy, and waste reduction.


May 19


Relationship of Spirituality-Activism-Sustainability


May 20


Engaged Spirituality


May 21


Activism rooted in Spirituality


May 22


Sustainability as expression of Spirituality & Activism

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